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In Fashion: The Royal Tenenbaums an In Depth Look

Humor me if you will for a moment as dive deep and explore in-depth the fashion of the Royal Tenenbaums and it’s wider influence over the fashion industry. And I will answer the age old question who really started the beard trend.

 Royal Tenenbaums was released in 2001. In the fashion world, this is considered a very long time ago on a planet far , far away. The Royal Tenenbaums was the movie that really put Wes Anderson’s film making style on the map.  Since 2001 that movie and Wes’s subsequent other films have been reiterated and regurgitated to the public through pretty much every medium, T.V., music, art, and of course fashion. Though curiously there has been somewhat of a delayed reaction or at the very least a strange resurgence of interest in the films quirky style. I am going to explore the various ways The Royal Tenebaums visual style has permeated main stream fashion and continued to influence pop-culture and society at large.  And l can and will argue that we are seeing this movie’s influence on popular culture even more than when Tenenbaums first touched the public sphere. 

Lets break it down-

Furs: In the film Margot Tenenbaum played by Gwyneth Paltrow wears a wardrobe that echoes the closet of a superhero or cartoon character. It consists of a large vintage fur (specially made by Prada), striped tennis dress, loafers, dark black eye liner and a red plastic bow barrette. It’s her costume. Perhaps this is why it’s so popular on Halloween to dress up as a Wes Anderson character.  Their wardrobes are easily identifiable and reasonably simple to replicate.  Fast forward 2009-2010. We’ve seen a huge resurgence in the interest of fur. Real and faux.  


(Hey, I know your thinking-so what?! It’s 10 years later. Well, yes. But I’m not done yet!!!)

Loafers: Margot Wears loafers in almost every scene except the bathroom scene.  This is another huge trend. The smoking slipper has just become girls newest and bestest friend, just LOOK!

Marc Jacobs said in an interview that the movie that has inspired him THE MOST was Royal Tenenbaums.  Wes Anderson even collaborated with Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton to create the custom luggage for The Darjeeling Limited in 2007. Here’s the article!

In the last 12 months countless Magazine Editorials have recreated and re-interpreted Tenenbaum fashion.  Like Elle Magazine for their December 2012 Issue, and Glamor Magazine did one just that same year in November of 2012. And Who What blogged about Gwennie's Iconic makeup here! Why all the Royal Love?! 

Nude: We’ve been dealing with the nude trend for a few years now. But Gwennie was doin’ it back in ’01 and shortly thereafter we were seeing all the celebrity-singers (I call them celebrity singers because they are less singer and more celebrity) wearing nude crystal bejazzled bodysuits to the VMA’s. Brittany Spears was the most notable but there were others. (J-Lo). View them Here:

Then there is this great Burberry ad with a blonde model with hair parted in the middle (a la Margot) stylin’a nude fur and Burberry trenches.
 Yep. You’re seeing it now aren’t you!

70’s Sunglasses: are making a huge return to the mainstream as well as sportswear inspired fashion. Prada Resort 2013 created this conspicuously Royal inspired collection, mashing up Richie Tenenbaum's 70's tennis look and Margot's Long Fur number.

And here I shall deliver to you the cue de gras –  

Shaved Heads and Beards:

Which leads me to ask the question is Wes Anderson Psychic or just simply ahead of his time?!

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