Monday, March 12, 2012

Amor Armor

(Rag and bone Fall 2012)

Fall 2012 is in love with Armor! This idea has been something that I've always found intriguing. I love layering heavy coats and jackets, dresses over turtlenecks and sweaters over dresses. Most of the time I feel naked without at least a vest, jacket, coat or sweater layer even in the summer. It seems though that the need for the every day woman to dress in a sincerely protective manor is, in this day in age, completely obsolete. However, I think as a modified aesthetic, the idea of armor in fashion speaks to the needs of a women's desire to communicate the "psychological" need to protect. When women layer up at work place, it implies a message to her co-workers, "take me seriously! I ain't messin' around!"

I see the trend in various forms and contexts. Jewelry and accessories seem to be taking on this feel as well. Bags are more structured and protective of the contents carried inside. Shoes seem to mirror the sentiment. Oxford lace-ups, over the knee musketeer boots, and exaggerated heel forms. The materials too are more durable and unyielding like chagrin. Which is a very tough leather made from the hides of stingrays. I am seeing this in prints, on shoes, and handbags.

Over all, be it literal our figurative I'm seeing it every where. But can we bring the attitude too, ladies??


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