Monday, September 26, 2011

Strange Architecture: Swoon and Comme des Garcons

I guess I could say I knew about Swoon even before I knew anything about her or her work, what it was called or where it came from. When I lived in NY I would see these pieces of "Graffiti" around and thought they were truly something beautiful but, in that classic fleeting "Big Apple" head down, too busy to eat, blink or compost a thought fashion that embodies the Manhattanite lifestyle. It wasn't until I moved away and learned more that it really sunk in how breathtakingly powerful her art actually is. As is so often the case, we can't see the beauty of what is happening until it has long passed out of existence and we have time to reflect. Such is the case for me and Swoon.

Anyhow, I find some interesting parallels with some of Swoons' work and the Comme des Garcons latest Fall collection. At any rate they made me think of each other. They both incorporate seemingly in-congruent patterns and colors but manage to make it work together with a crazy brilliance that can't be ignored.

P.S check out this Video on Swoons' process. You won't be disappointed.

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