Sunday, November 8, 2009

Handbag # 3 Research: Tapesry , Texture, and Day of the Dead

I have been looking at a the fibers artist Magdalena Abakanowicz whose large scale weavings are impressive technically, visually and conceptually. Her work is at the core about the understanding of human psychology and the reminder that we will all die one day. This reminder allows us to try to live every day to the fullest. I am attracted to the texture as well as the slightly morbid undertones. AND seeing as we are all facing the Bird flu the image of the bird seems to take on a whole new slightly macabre context. I also began to look at the mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the dead. I stummbled apon some some Victorian tintypes that portray people post mortem. Apparnetly this was the the only time people would get there picture taken as it was very expensive. Then I found some amazing leather cuffs made by cupping circles of leather and then riviting or grometing them to the cuff. I like the texture it reminds me of something grotesque.

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